= {SME financial architecture, fintech, frontier markets intelligence}

■ 30 years of multinational experience in SME financial architecture: SME lending & investing, SME banking advisory & HRD, SME/VC fund management, and strategic & financial advisory as a trusted backer for SMEs and startups


■ 30+ MSME &/or financial sector research and consulting projects funded by international agencies such as JICA and World Bank

■ 17 countries for project work: Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam

■ 1,000+ SME owners / entrepreneurs whom I've served as a banker, investor, FA, consultant, or researcher

■ 100+ publications: The Art of Managing Middle - Medium-sized Business Management and Its Ecosystem in Long-term Stagnation (New York: Lulu Press, April 2017), writing for business magazines,  

and speaking on SME management & financing in Asia


■ 10+ years management experience as a Founder & Managing Director / Executive Director of 3 firms and a freelance consultant

■ ∞ unfair advantage for promoting fintechs globally: practical knowledge of SMEs’ financial needs, financial services, banking regulatory environments, disruptive technologies, and fintech landscape across emerging markets

Professional Membership

FinTech Connector (New York)

​Member & Enabler

Data Science Central (Newton, MA)  Member

Silicon Valley Syndicate Club (Hermosa Beach, CA)  Member

SG:D Open Innovation Platform (Singapore)  

Member & Problem Solver

Accelerating Asia (Singapore)


APEC - Pacific Basin Economic Council (Hong Kong)  Member

Japan Open-Innovation Network (Tokyo)  Member

Startup.Network (Kyiv)

Registered User

Africa Fintech Network (Lagos) Ecosystem Member

Myanma Economic Bank  Head of SME Fund Advisory Team

July 2015 - March 2018

1) Assisted MEB for establishing the first SME development fund in Myanmar; and 2) Implemented the SME development fund (US$45 million) while providing 5 partner banks with SME banker's training courses and SME-focused strategy consulting. 


Japan Economic Research Institute Inc.  Senior Consultant     May 2008 – March 2018

1) SME/private sector development projects in the emerging economies (JICA, World Bank, etc.) ; and 2) Asian business & financial advisory for DBJ's mid-market customers and Japanese regional banks.

Waseda University's Vietnam Research Institute  

Visiting Research Fellow

Oct 2007 -  Sept 2019

Made a study of Vietnam's economy, SMEs, financial sector, etc.

Crossborder Japan Co., Ltd.  Founder & Managing Director                 April 2008 – April 2012

Conducted cross-border solution business (strategic & financial consulting, market research, M&A advisory, VC fund management advisory) in ASEAN. Fund Manager & Executive Director at both k2 Inc. (Vietnam fund manager; April 2011 – April 2012) and IIOSS K.K. (Development and distribution of management diagnosis system; September 2011 – April 2012)


Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. (SBIC)  Senior Manager at Asia Desk                                                   April 2006 – April 2008

Mid-sized enterprise investment & venture capital, cross-border investment fund management, Asia business advisory, and others.


Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co., Ltd.                                      Chief Consultant at International Division                                             April 2001 – March 2006

Performed policy advisory projects mainly including SME development and financial sector development in emerging economies.


Japan Finance Corporation                                                                 Assistant Manager at International Division                                           April 1998 – March 2001

Performed consultations with SME clients that are interested in ASEAN investment, and contributed to improved client satisfaction. 


Embassy of Japan in Vietnam  Economic Researcher                       April 1996 – March 1998

Performed research on Vietnam’s macro-economy and business environment, and submitted 30 research papers to the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs. 


Japan Finance Corporation  SME Credit Analyst & Loan Officer         April 1990 – March 1996

Managed all aspects of business relationships with about 100 SME clients at both Kobe Branch and Utsunomiya Branch.  Performed credit appraisal of 19 applicants as a credit analyst at Kobe Branch: welder, hotel, wholesaler of ladies’ wear, furniture manufacturer, computer-component manufacturer and various other types of business. 



Recent Publications

The Asian Banker 

Speaker with a focus on digital SME banking (2019 - present)

LIMO  Columnist

(2017 - present)

The Art of Managing Middle Medium-sized Business Management and Its Ecosystem in Long-run Stagnation (2017)

JERI Monthly Report

(2015 - 2016)


Japan Business Press (JBpress)  (2012 - 2015)


"Japanese SMEs' Asian Dreams - The bottleneck is financing - (JBpress) (2012)


“Vietnma's SMEs and Finance”, New Era in Eastern Asia and Vietnam’s Economy, Waseda

University's Vientnam Research Institute. (2010)


Interview on Vietnam's Economy: "Vietnam has high potential to grow."(2009)


List of main publications & presentations

(2002 - 2015)


​Certificate, August 2018, Data Analysis, University of Cape Town, ZA 

Certificate, May 2018, MIT AI: Implications for Business Strategy, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA, US


Certificate, February 2018, Oxford University Fintech Programme, University of Oxford Said Business School, Oxford, UK

Executive MBA, December 2016, Aalto University (Formerly known as Helsinki School of Economics), Singapore & Helsinki, Finland


CFO Training Program, March 2001, Proacteer, Tokyo


IPO Training Program, September 2000, Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc., Tokyo


SME Analyst Program, December 1999, Nippon Manpower Co., Ltd., Tokyo

Bachelor of Laws, March 1990, Niigata University, Niigata, Japan



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